Stealing Phoenix

Stealing Phoenix - Joss Stirling This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaStealing Phoenix confirmed one thing to me: I need one of the Benedict boys for my own. I don’t mind which one, I’m not fussy! What Finding Sky may have lacked in action, Stealing Phoenix certainly made up for! Phoenix is a savant, stuck in a horrible life called the Community. Unlike Sky in the previous book, Phoenix knows she’s a savant, but instead of using her gift for the good, she’s been sucked into a life of crime and she can’t escape. Then she discovers Yves, her soulfinder, and things may be looking on the up for Phoenix. I loved Phoenix’ character. She had been dealt such a crap hand in her life, and she knew it, yet she just accepted it and got on with life. She didn’t dare believe that her life could be better, even after she met Yves. She wanted to protect him, and doing that meant staying away from him, something that Yves couldn’t understand but I did. He couldn’t accept that Phoenix honestly believed that he was safer away from him, because he had watched his parents and his younger brother Zed with his soulfinder Sky and knew that together they would be nearly unstoppable. I thought it was so clever how he had double-crossed the Seer at the end of the book, although I did think at one point we weren’t going to get a happy ending! The romance between Yves and Phoenix was fantastic too. He started to love Phee with all his heart as soon as he met her, yet Phoenix remained guarded and wouldn’t let him in, at least, not until the end of the book. They literally were made for each other! It was great seeing the rest of the Benedict family, and Sky too. I loved how Sky just treated Phee like a sister, and I think that was what really helped Phoenix to let Sky inside and start trusting her. Stealing Phoenix was easily as good as Finding Sky was! This one was a lot more action-filled and had me turning the pages constantly until I had finished. Now I have to get my hands on Seeking Crystal!