Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan This review was first posted on Music, Books and Tea.I am at a total loss for words with this review, guys. Seriously, Boy Meets Boy was just so good, and I really wish that everyone would read it. I actually wish it was on reading lists of every high school, because despite it being an LGBT book, it doesn’t focus on that. And isn’t that a reflection on life as well? Don’t focus on the sexuality of a person, focus on what does (or doesn’t) make them an awesome person.I loved Paul, the main character in Boy Meets Boy. I think I connected to him because of how much he loved his friends and wanted to do make sure they were all happy. And I totally get why he got frustrated with Joni, his supposed best friend who withdrew herself from Paul and their group of friends to spend more time with Chuck, her boyfriend. She didn’t really seem like a very good friend at all, and whilst it was nice to see her redeem herself at the end to support Tony’s stand against his parents, I wish she’d been more present throughout the entire book.The romance in Boy Meets Boy was sweet, and I liked reading about it, but I was more invested in the interactions between Paul and Noah than I was their romance. I felt for Paul when the mixed messages between Noah and himself happened, especially as it cost him their relationship. What Paul did for Noah at the end of the book was such a romantic (if slightly unrealistic) gesture, and I was so happy that he got the result he deserved for it.I felt the plot in Boy Meets Boy took a backseat to the characters, but I still enjoyed it, especially the scenes involving Tony and his parents. Seeing him stand up to them, and seeing them slowly begin to accept Tony for who he was was amazing. Also, despite the high school being rather unbelievable (I would love to believe that an entire school would be so accepting and diverse, but I just can’t see it happening), I think every school should have an Infinite Darlene, because she was a simply fabulous character, and really made me laugh throughout the entire book.I know I haven’t really explained why I feel that everyone and their sister should read Boy Meets Boy, but I think it’s also a book that needs to be experienced by everyone. All I’m saying is that you should read it.