The Pledge  - Kimberly Derting This review was first posted on Music, Books and Tea.I was totally blown away by this dystopian. Truth be told, I really wasn’t expecting to love The Pledge like I did. It had enough of a fresh twist on a typical dystopian to set it apart from other similar books within the genre, and the addictive writing style made it so easy for me to keep reading!I loved the main character, Charlaina. I found her really easy to connect to and thought it was great how she would do anything for her family and friends – I think her loyalty was probably my favourite thing about her. Her gift of being able to understand all languages across the country was very interesting, especially as she didn’t know what it meant. I wasn’t expecting the explanation to be what it was, but it explained a lot, and made a lot of sense when I looked back on the rest of The Pledge. Charlie’s little sister was awesome, and their relationship was fantastic to read about. I loved that whilst Angelina couldn’t speak, she was able to convey herself and her emotions without difficulty.Max was an incredibly interesting character – I really liked him although I knew there was a secret side to him that I couldn’t figure out straight away. I’m interested to se what kind of role he will play in the rest of the series, and I hope he and Charlie remain together in some way as they are a great couple, and I think the two of them together makes for an incredible strong powerhouse couple.The dystopian setting of The Pledge is one that’s been done several times before, but I liked the idea of the language hierarchy, and what it meant to be a citizen who understood several languages. I thought it was a really interesting theme of The Pledge, and I hope it’s explored more as there’s a lot of different ways Derting could take the idea.The Pledge is easily one of my favourite reads of the year so far, and I cannot wait to see where Kimberly Derting takes this unique theme and story next. If The Essence is anything like The Pledge, then I know it’ll be a great book!