Acid - Emma Pass This review was first posted on Music, Books and Tea.By now, I’m pretty sure everyone knows about my love for dystopia, right? So imagine how excited I was to find ACID – a unique, action-filled dystopia that I honestly could not put down. It’s mind-blowing to think that this is a debut novel, because it totally took me by surprise, and kind of gave me a renewed love for the genre. Many dystopias are very similar in their set-ups, but ACID brought a little something new to the table, which I think was why I enjoyed it so much.The world in ACID was something that’s been done several times over – an oppressive governing body (this time, the police force!) rule the country, and they are seriously power hungry. The world is certainly Pass’ own, however, and she turned it from being a dystopian gimmick to something incredibly original and interesting to read about. The first few opening scenes with Jenna stuck in a high-security prison really opened my eyes to the awful country that the UK has been turned into by this police force who are determined to silence any opposition one way or another. One little throwaway comment and you could be locked away for life. That was a very terrifying thought for me, because I live in a world where free speech is a right that everyone has, and most people use it, and to have that taken away from me would be awful.Jenna was an amazing character, and the total embodiment of her surname – she was strong, and then some! She was just totally kick-ass and she certainly wasn’t afraid to fight for what she believed in, and what she thought was the right thing to do. She was thrown in some tough situations, yet she still came out fighting, and I really admired her for that. She doesn’t remember what happened two years ago, but she’s not sure she accepts what ACID tell her, and fights for the truth with everything that she has.The romance in ACID was a nice addition to the story, and I really felt it was necessary, as it helped to bring out Jenna’s softer side and show me that she was a human being, not an emotionless machine. Max was a complex character, but he matched Jenna well, and despite being thrown together by fate, actually begin to fall for one another. And Max became the person that Jenna fought for as well, yes, she wanted to find out the truth about her parents and what happened two years ago, but she also wanted to get Max out of trouble, because she felt she owed it to him, and because she did care for him as well.Ultimately, ACID is a book of good vs evil, and was an utterly captivating read. It’s a fantastic example of UKYA, and easily one of the best books I’ve read this year. Emma Pass is certainly an author I will be keeping an eye out for!