The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaWhat with all the hype surrounding this book and its movie, there was very little chance that I was going to pass on this book. Its plot was what drew me to the book, I haven’t read many (if any) books focusing on mental issues, so it was an extremely interesting book to read.I found Pat’s mind to be so fascinating to dive into. His one main goal in life was to win back Nikki, his ex-wife who he still loved with all his heart. He believed that by losing weight, gaining muscle and reading the same books she teaches in her classes, she would find him to be a better man, a changed man, and take him back. He was literally obsessed with his routine, day-in, day-out, he would put himself through these gruelling workouts and run in a bin bag so he would lose more weight. It was almost scary to read. Did I like Pat as a character? On the whole, yes, I did. He was so complex, yet also an incredibly fragile character, and I found myself wishing for his story to have a happily ever after ending.Tiffany was another complex character, although I couldn’t warm to her like I warmed to Pat. I think however, this was because I only ever got to see her through Pat’s eyes, and because he was so wrapped up in his love for Nikki, he didn’t realise just how amazing this woman was in front of him. Yes, Tiffany had issues. Huge issues. But she definitely had her reasons for having them. I loved Pat and Tiffany’s chemistry, even if he couldn’t see it, I definitely could! I wished she hadn’t manipulated Pat into the dance competition, but I can kind of see her reason behind it. There was no way she could have been honest about her feelings towards Pat, so she went for the only option she believed she had.The plot in The Silver Linings Playbook was so different to what I was expecting. Counselling, American football and a dance competition all played huge roles in the plot, and I loved how they were interwoven and laced so cleverly together. It was so fantastic to see Pat and his father reconnect over football, and it was great to see his father accept Pat for who he was in the present, not the person who he was in the past.One thing I have to ask though, what was so great about Nikki? Was I the only person who hated this woman right from the very start of the book? I know that was probably the point, but COME ON. Gah. I can’t talk about her coherently, because she bugged the hell out of me and I wished Pat realised just how better off he was without her.This book is definitely so worth the hype surrounding it. Seriously, it is amazing, and I found it to be an incredibly compelling read that I unexpectedly fell in love with.