Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets (Chase Tinker Series, #2) - Malia Ann Haberman This review was first posted on Music, Books and Tea.To say I was really looking forward to carrying on Chase Tinker’s story from where it left off last year is a definite understatement! And I was so pleased that this book was full of everything I loved about the first book, accompanied with a cracking plot.What I loved the most about this book was definitely Chase’s character development. You watch him grow up and mature throughout the entire story, and he really begins to take a strong leadership role in the book, and it was great to see him take charge and make a lot of important decisions. He’s portrayed very realistically, especially when it came to his relationship with his parents. I was so happy to see him stand his ground and refuse to leave the Tinker house, and managed to convince his parents to stay.What would a Chase Tinker book be without magic? I loved exploring more powers, and I found it really interesting to learn that there were powers forbidden by former Tinkers. I was relieved to see Chase stay far away from those! It was nice to see Andy interact with magic a lot more, he really accepted that magic was a huge part of his life and that it wasn’t going to leave him any time soon. The dynamic between Andy and his brother was fantastic, they really bond over their magical powers, and it’s hard to imagine one without the other on some occasions!The action is really the backbone of the entire story, and there definitely was plenty of it! I loved how varied it was too, whilst there was plenty of magic-related action, there was also the twist of a new character being thrown into the mix. I’m excited to see what kind of a role Nori will play in the rest of the series. I’m hoping it’s a large one, as I really enjoyed reading about her character! I think she could prove to be a huge help for Chase, especially as she appears to be so powerful.Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets was a brilliant sequel, packed full of magic, humour and action. I can’t wait to see what happens to Chase next, if it’s anything like the rest of the series, I know it’ll be great!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.