The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI picked this book up for £1.50 in my local charity shop. It was a book I'd read about on other blogs, yet I had no real desire to purchase it and read it myself. However, I am unable to resist a bargain, especially a book bargain, so I picked this up and kind of left it sitting on my book pile, staring at me longingly. I eventually picked it up when I was in the mood for something darker than what I had been reading.What worked for me: I loved Tate's character. She was very real, and a very well thought out character. She didn't just fall into Mackie's arms when he finally decided he actually did like her, she was fiercely independent, yet also full of anger as she has lost her younger sibling and would do anything to get her back. The town of Gentry was an interesting concept, I liked the thought of the townsfolk knowing what was going on with some of the children of the town yet they didn't try to stop it from happening, they simply carried on as normal and just accepted that it would happen. I also liked the House of Mayhem and all its inhabitants and how they wove neatly into the town of Gentry too. Also, and this is something that could have bothered some people, but I thought Yovanoff's use of language was spot-on, the swearing in the story felt natural, it didn't feel forced or out of place, and it wasn't overused. What didn't work for me: I didn't like that each time I put the book down to do something, I lost the desire to keep reading. It wasn't until the last quarter of the book that I really wanted to pick it up and read it again, which saddened me, as the story itself was very good.Would I recommend this? I'd definitely recommend this to fans of paranormal YA (specifically those who love reading about the fey). I'm pleased I finally read this, however I highly doubt that had I not gotten such a good deal on this book that I would have bought it off of Amazon.