Let it Snow - Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI'd been meaning to pick up a copy of this book for a while, and whilst I was in America, I was lucky enough to snag a copy for under 4 dollars, which I considered to be quite the bargain. I thought this would make a perfect read for the holiday season, and I was not wrong at all.What worked for me: I loved the fact that this book introduced me to two new authors: Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. I have Johnson's 'The Name of the Star' waiting to be read, and reading her story made me very excited to do so. I loved her characters and the plot of her story. I also liked how she managed to put in subtle hints towards the other characters from the other stories in her own, like Jeb. This really aided in the book's continuity and made all the stories great to read. Green's story was packed full of humour, something which I have come to expect in his writing. Although the concept of the story was familiar, I still loved the plot and the way it ended. Unfortunately, I found Myracle's the weakest of the three, but that didn't stop me from still enjoying it. I also liked her neat way of tying all the stories together, even if it did veer on the side of very clich├ęd. What didn't work for me: I found the main character in Myracle's story, Addie, rather annoying. I know that was the point of the story, and if she hadn't of been so self-absorbed the story wouldn't have happened, but I still found her annoying to deal with. I think this was probably what weakened my enjoyment of Myracle's story.Overall, I found this to be a really, really enjoyable book to curl up with during the festive holiday period. It certainly got me in the mood for Christmas!