The Iron King  - Julie Kagawa This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaThe Iron King is a book that has been on my Wishlist for absolutely ages! I saw it on several book blogs and noticed that everyone seemed to be raving about it, looked up the synopsis and was hooked. This was the first book that I actually stayed up to read until the end. I loved it so much, and was clever enough to buy the next two books before I'd finished it. (Even though I haven't started those yet, but I'll get to them very soon). What worked for me: The characters were definitely one of the reasons this book kept me up reading. All were very well-built and developed, and there was a diverse range of characters, from Ash to Meghan to Puck to Grimalkin. They weren't all bland and two-dimensional, which made this book an absolute pleasure to read. Kagawa's world-building was also excellent, her descriptions of the Nevernever were so detailed I really felt that the place existed.What didn't work for me: I didn't like the beginning part with Meghan and her two days at school. That beginning really bothered me, namely because I don't like seeing humiliation, especially cruel teenage humiliation. Also, I found the whole situation between Meghan and her parents confusing. I know it was explained later on in the book, but I was still left feeling a little confused at the end. Overall, this was a fantastic series debut, and I would absolutely recommend this to all fans of YA