Divergent  - Veronica Roth This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaThere has been an incredible amount of hype following this book. And let me tell you, the hype was well-deserved for Divergent. This was absolutely everything you could want from a book, plus so much more. Veronica Roth has managed to create a phenomenal world with an interesting concept: society is divided into five separate factions, and you must choose which faction you belong in when you reach sixteen. It isn't, however, that simple, you must also survive initiation, otherwise you run the risk of living your life factionless. That part of the story alone made me think for a long time. If I was in Tris' shoes, which faction would I have chose? I'm still torn on my answer to this, especially knowing what I know now about the factions. Tris herself is torn between two factions, she doesn't even choose until the very last moment, and that is where her story really begins.Tris was an extremely strong character. From the second she joined her new faction, she was fighting. She had to constantly fight for her place, she had to fight to survive, and I loved that it made her a strong character. Tris was determined to earn her place in her faction, but she was still true to her selflessness, she wasn't afraid to stand up for her friends when she had to. I found myself routing for Tris from the very start, namely because she also seemed to be rooting for herself, too. I loved how Roth wasn't afraid to put dangerous situations in the book, either. There are deaths from pretty much the very start of the book. Even Tris gets attacked and almost killed at one point, until the mysterious yet utterly magnificent Four saved her. I loved Four. As a character, he was extremely interesting, as there were so many individual layers to him. The fearscapes scene was possibly my favourite throughout the book, as we really got to learn a lot more about Four as a person, and it explained the weird name very nicely too. And I loved how he wasn't afraid to show Tris the things that made him the most vulnerable, it made him a much more loveable character from that point on.And the climax to this book was absolutely stunning. If I thought the rest of the book was breath-taking and heart-stopping, it was nothing until those last few final chapters. I found myself gripping my book so tightly I thought my knuckles were going to pop, you really did not know what was going to happen until it unfolded in front of you. I can now easily see why Divergent was named 'Book of 2011' in various lists, it is an incredible book, and I would happily recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to find out what's going to happen to Tris and Four in the next instalment, Insurgent. May literally cannot arrive quick enough!