Fever  - Lauren DeStefano This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaFever was an absolutely superb sequel to Wither! DeStefano has a way of creating these characters that you either love or despise (a bit like marmite!), and with Fever, I found myself rooting for Rhine and Gabriel harder than ever. I never fell into complacency with this novel, as I was never 100% sure that the two would be safe. And whoever designed the cover for this book deserves some serious props, as everything on the cover has some relevance to the story. So clever. I loved the inclusion of Madame's carnival, I thought it was a clever way to show reader's what Jenna's background would have been like, as well as showing us that 'freedom' isn't always that free. The angel's blood just creeped me out, I really didn't like the fact that poor Gabriel was forced into a near addiction of the stuff, especially when he had to go through the painful withdrawal of it too. I found myself willing Rhine and Gabriel to escape during the entire time they were at the carnival, I didn't trust Madame at all! I did want them to be able to take Lilac and Maddie with them, and I was rather upset when only one of the two was able to escape as well, because I didn't want anyone to be left in that awful place!I spent a majority of my time whilst reading this book just wishing for Rhine and Gabriel to be safe and happy. I wasn't a huge fan of Gabriel in Wither, although after reading Fever and spending more time with his character, this has completely changed. I just loved his character in Fever, and I'm really interested to see how he develops in the final instalment of this series. And poor Rhine, I just felt her despair when they reached her childhood home and she found practically nothing left. She felt so sure that once she reached that house, they'd have been safe and happy, and once again, she was wrong. The ending to this book was just ahh! worthy. I really cannot wait for the final book to come out, because I'm really excited to see how this series pans out. I just hope that Rhine and Gabriel get their happily ever after!