The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI first started reading Nicholas Sparks' books last year, when I read A Walk to Remember. I really enjoyed the book, and whilst I've read and enjoyed a further two of his novels (The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe), neither of them had the same effect on me as A Walk to Remember. Unfortunately, neither did The Lucky One. Whilst I enjoyed the book, it dragged in some places and ended up taking me a week to read. The chapters were told in alternating points of view (even though the book was written in third person. There's a fancy term for it, I'm sure. If you know it, please tell me!), which I found was a nice way of getting to know the three characters a little more, and we got to hear their opinions on the other characters too. I did enjoy Sparks' writing in The Lucky One, we didn't have a book being told in a 'flashback' like the other three that I've read were. I'm not knocking that style, but it was nice to see something a little different this time round. The characters were also well-developed, although I couldn't fully relate to any of them. I think my favourite characters were Nana and Thibault. I thought Thibault was an excellent character, and I liked how we learned more about his past as the book went on, instead of just learning everything right at the beginning of the book. And Keith Clayton was a huge, huge douche. And kudos to Sparks for creating a character that I just couldn't warm to at all, as I wasn't supposed to warm to him. I kind of spent my time hoping that Thibault would teach Clayton a serious lesson or two, and then get Zeus to finish up the job. The ending was slightly predictable for me, as the tree house had been mentioned several times throughout the book, and was always called dangerous, so I figured that something would happen based around the tree house. I did think the way Sparks executed the end was clever, however. And the epilogue gave the readers an ending that isn't normally seen in a Sparks' book, which was nice. I think if it hadn't of had that ending, I would have been very disappointed in the book.Whilst this wasn't my favourite Sparks' book, it was certainly an enjoyable read. I'm excited for the movie based on this that's set to be released next month, staring Zac Efron as Logan Thibault. I've included the trailer at the bottom of my review, and I think that it'll be a good adaptation.