Graveminder - Melissa Marr This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaGraveminder was one of those books that I picked up on a whim from the library. The synopsis had hooked my interest, and whilst this is marketed as an adult book, I think that there was definitely some YA crossover appeal. This was the first I'd read of Melissa Marr's work, I have the first two of her Wicked Lovely series on my bookshelf, and I'm now very eager to start reading those after reading Graveminder.My favourite part of Graveminder was definitely Marr's writing style. It was lyrical and poetic, without distracting me from the storyline. If anything, the writing added to the story for me, it made the creepy scenes all the more creepier, and just helped to create an atmosphere in every scene. It also added to the characters of the book, and aided in making both them and their situations much more believable to me. And it also helped me to connect to the characters and their thoughts and feelings a lot more easily. I thought that using an alternating point of view focus was a clever thing to do, as even though the book was written in third person, we were able to learn both Becca and Byron's views on a situation. It was also easy to differentiate between the two, as each chapter was focused on a different character, it didn't change in the middle of a chapter and completely confuse me. Both Byron and Becca had two very distinctive voices for me, as Byron seemed to be full of frustration, and Becca appeared full of confusion. Byron and Becca did develop as the story went on, and we were able to watch that development occur naturally. I loved the full array of characters in this book, from Mr D and Alicia in the Underworld to Daisha and Amity Blue in the real world. They were all certainly colourful and interesting in their own individual ways, and I was excited to read and learn about each and every one of them.The storyline was extremely good, and kept me hooked throughout the entire book. Graveminder had a concept unlike any other book that I've read, and Melissa Marr certainly made it work. However, I didn't understand the mini subplot with the Mayor and Bonnie Jean. It led me to nowhere, and seemed like a pointless addition to the story, especially as it wasn't touched on again. I also felt that the romance between Becca and Byron wasn't really necessary for the plot, I could have taken it or left it. I understand it was used to help build tension between the two, but it didn't really add to the story for me. I much preferred Maylene and William's story, and I would love to see Marr write about that pair and their past. I loved how Marr chose to have the Graveminder and the Undertaker see the Underworld differently, as it helped to explain why it was so difficult for the Graveminder to return each time. The idea of the two not being able to see their "own" dead was also very clever, and added far more depth to the Underworld.Overall, this was a really good read. For me, it does have some YA crossover appeal, although I can understand why it is marketed as an adult book. I was really pleased that the ending was tied up nicely without the need for a second book. However, there is definitely plenty of scope for a sequel or a companion novel to Graveminder.