Insurgent  - Veronica Roth This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI have been eagerly anticipating the release of Insurgent since I read the last sentence of Divergent. And I am happy to say that Insurgent did not disappoint me at all! The first 100 or so pages were equally just as heart-pounding as Divergent. Insurgent begins right where we left Tris and Four with the others, on the train towards the Amity compound. I found myself drawn straight back into Tris' world, and I felt that I was right there alongside Tris. I loved being in the Amity area in Insurgent, especially during Tris' 'exceptionally happy' moment. (I daren't say any more than that in case of spoilers!) The fact that Tris, Four and Co are fighting to survive is very prominent in Insurgent, as they are literally always on the move. We end of visiting all the faction's compounds in Insurgent, which I found very interesting, as we got to see how the 'other half live', so to speak. We even learnt more about the Factionless, and they play such a huge role in Insurgent. Whilst I was happy that Tris and Four found them, I did spend a lot of my time wondering if they should actually be trusted, and was constantly wondering if Four was doing the right thing putting all his trust in them.A lot of people have said that they found Tris kind of annoying during Insurgent, and whilst I do understand what they are saying, she still remains to be one of my most favourite female characters ever. Her actions in Divergent have turned into things that she's had to deal with in Insurgent. I love how she wasn't miraculously cured either, even by the end of the book she was still having problems in coping, and that made the fact that she is actually human a lot more prominent. I thought that Tris' blatant humanity made a nice contrast against those people that were under the simulation. Tris and Four's romance is still a part of Insurgent, however, it's not at the forefront of the book. It's a nice addition to the storyline, that doesn't take away their fight for survival.Insurgent was full of so many twists and turns, and I really commend Veronica Roth for thinking all of these things up! For example, the whole Caleb shock literally left me with my jaw hanging open. Come to think of it, I think I spent most of my time reading Insurgent with my mouth hanging wide open. Every time I thought that Tris' situation had become dire, Veronica Roth had come up with an extremely clever way to save Tris. I think that the unpredictableness of Insurgent is what made me read it so quickly, I literally had no idea on what would happen next.Insurgent was easily just as thrilling and gripping as Divergent was. Now we just have to endure the long wait for book number three!