And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaAnd Then There Were None was the first book that I'd ever read by Agatha Christie. I've seen a couple of the Miss Marple and Poiroit adaptations that ITV make every so often, but I've always felt that reading the books would be a better experience than just watching the TV. And Then There Were None was the Christie novel that intrigued me the most - how on earth would she be able to pull off a plot as ambitious as this one? I needn't have worried, as this book proves just why Christie is one of Britain's literary greats.I must admit, I did spend the majority of the book slightly confused over what was going to happen next, however, I think that this was also a part of the charm for me. I was kept guessing right from beginning to end, not just over who the killer was, but I also attempted to work out what order they would all die in! We were given a few clues, but not enough for me to be able to work out what was going to happen next, which just made me keep turning the pages.The cast of characters were all excellent, however, none of them were particularly likeable, especially as the story went on. This also meant that I didn't really feel anything when they died, however, I suspect that may have been the point, as none of the characters, with the exception of the doctor, were particularly sorry to have killed people. It was fascinating to learn the characters' backstories, especially as the story progressed, as it made me stop to think if any of those people really were capable of committing a nine person murder.The ending was not one that I expected, especially when we were told who the killer really was. As soon as I had finished reading it, I wanted to go back and read it all over again to see if I had missed any clues the first time around! The twist that Christie provided was what made the book so good for me, and it's very easy to see why Christie is hailed as one of the best suspense authors ever.