Die for Me  - Amy Plum This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaBooks set in Paris are slowly working their way up to being my favourite types of books. The more I read, the more I want to go visit that wonderful city. Die For Me certainly disappoint in featuring Paris in all its glory, and it was this setting that helped make this book all the more enjoyable. Plus I'm completely in love with the cover for this book! It is so pretty...the cover artist should be extremely chuffed with themselves!I loved Kate, our main character, and whilst she sometimes let her emotions get the better of her, I felt that this was justified. Her parents had died and left her and her sister orphans, and they both had to relocate to Paris to live with their grandparents. Kate's life had changed dramatically, and it was obvious that she needed time to adapt. I think that was why I found Georgia a little aggravating at times, she was able to cope with her grief in a different way, and seemed to forget that Kate chose to get over her grief by burying herself away in her favourite books instead of going out and partying until the early hours. Also, I had absolutely no clue what Kate's name actually was until she introduced herself to another character!The rest of the characters in this book were also hugely likeable, especially Vincent and the rest of his friends! I especially loved Jules, Ambrose and Charlotte and the way that they were portrayed. Jules was my favourite out of the group, his flirty nature made me swoon (I'm totally team Jules), and I loved how he innocently flirted with Kate, and it made me really jealous of her, even if Kate's heart was Vincent's!I found the idea of revenants very refreshing. Zombies are not a new concept whatsoever, but Plum took an interesting spin on the idea. It was well thought out, especially the idea of revenants being 'volant'. I loved the thought that they were immobilised, yet still able to move and communicate to their fellow revenants. I also liked the idea that in order to become a revenant, you must die for someone else. That really gave a whole new meaning to the book's title, and I appreciated the link.The pacing in this book was absolutely excellent too. The book built up slowly, and reached a climax that literally kept me turning the pages until I'd completed the book. This book certainly wasn't without its action, and the action was fast-paced and well executed.Die For Me was a book that was able to keep me hooked right from beginning to end. I really enjoyed Plum's writing style, and her characters, and I cannot wait to get my hands on Until I Die, the second book in the series.