Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaYou know when you pick up an author's debut book, read it, and it becomes an instant favourite? You then spend every day anticipating news on the author's next piece of work, watching as summaries are added to Goodreads and covers are revealed. Then comes the greatest day ever: release day. And you find yourself clutching hold of a book and going into it with some of the highest expectations ever. This was the case with me and Second Chance Summer. Not only did this book meet my expectations, it far surpassed them, and Morgan Matson has rightfully earned her spot on my 'favourite authors' list.I knew this book would be a hard one to read, whilst it had all the components of a summer contemporary, there was that underlying theme: Taylor's dad is dying from cancer. I love the way Morgan Matson wrote this, the cancer remained prominent, but mainly in the background, and we never forgot what Taylor's dad was going through. The further I got through the book, the further the cancer progressed, and naturally, it became a bigger part of the book. I found myself sobbing right at the end of the book, basically from when Taylor's grandfather heads to their summer house right until I turned the final page. Everything felt so raw and realistic, and I definitely had another TFiOS moment whilst reading Second Chance Summer. It was such an amazing book, yet so heart-wrenching too.This book really was about second chances: a second chance at a friendship, at a relationship and at being a family. Thankfully, Taylor does get all three of those, although they don't happen instantly. The three bonds that are re-forged were so realistic, and it really made me think: is it worth holding years-long grudges on someone who used to be your best friend? I came to the conclusion that it's probably not, and I was so pleased when Taylor and Lucy began mending their friendship. I got why Lucy was mad with Taylor, I honestly did, but I was happy to see that Lucy was willing to put it behind her.The one thing that bugged me the most about Taylor was her tendency to run away when things got hard. She had been doing this for far too long, and she knew what she was doing. Eventually she realises that sticking around will help the problem, yet that doesn't quite stop her from running away from Henry when she panics that things were going to get tough.I thought Taylor's and Henry's romance was so sweet. It took a long time to appear (obviously, as Taylor ran away from Henry five years before and never looked back), but when it did, it was stunning. Taylor and Henry reminded me of Amy and Roger, yet at the same time, they were completely different. The boat scene after the fireworks display? Absolutely amazing!As with Amy and Roger, Second Chance Summer has a wonderful cast of secondary characters. I particularly loved Elliot, the guy who works with both Lucy and Taylor in the little snack stand. Nora and her parents were wonderful too, and the scene where Taylor's family were reading out a script they had been working on really made me chuckle.Second Chance Summer is easily one of the best books I've read this year. This is going to be one of the books that I recommend to everyone all the time (sorry in advance!), and it really reminded me of why I love reading contemporary YA so very much. Now, how long do I have to wait until the next Morgan Matson book is released?!