Saving June - Hannah Harrington This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaOkay, so by now, I’m pretty sure you’ve all gathered that I’m a huge fan of music? Naturally, when I first heard about Saving June, I knew it would be the book for me. Not only did it have that element of music, it also had a road-trip involved. I just had to read it. And I was so not disappointed by it!Harper was such a raw and real character. Her sister has just committed suicide, her mother is becoming an alcoholic and her dad has left the family home. It was natural to assume that Harper wasn’t going to be okay, that she would, in face, be incredibly far from okay. And Hannah Harrington portrayed this so well. Every emotion Harper felt just felt so right. Even when I wanted her to be nicer to Jake and see that he was trying to help her and that he really did care for her. I loved how her grief was portrayed, and how it was so different from her mother’s and her aunt’s. I understood her decision to grab her sister’s ashes and spread them in California, the one place June wanted to go to. I mean, her parents were going to split them into ‘his and her’s’ urns for goodness sakes, I think I’d have done the same if I had been in Harper’s position. Her friendship with Laney was incredible. They really were best friends and would stick through thick and thin together. That was obvious when Laney agreed to go to California with Harper, even though she knew it would land the both of them in serious trouble.Jake Tolan. Where do I even begin? The world could seriously do with more Jake Tolans in it. Hands down, he earned his place on my top-ten fictional crush list. Not only did he have an amazing music taste (and I refuse to see Abba as a guilty pleasure, just putting that out here), but he was just fantastic for Harper. He understood June in a way literally no-one else did, I just wish he’d passed on what he knew sooner. I loved how he could understand everything Harper was going through, and didn’t judge her for any of it. He could have quite easily turned into a voice of reason and tried to stop Harper and Laney from going on their trip, but he didn’t. Instead, he offered them a way of getting there. He knew when he’d overstepped the mark, and tried to make up for it in his own way. He wasn’t perfect, in fact, he was far from perfect, but I don’t really think Harper was looking for perfection when she (finally) found Jake. Music, obviously, plays a huge part in Saving June. Jake tried to get Harper to understand and appreciate music a lot more in the book, and Hannah Harrington showed just how powerful and emotional music can be. All it takes is the right song, and it unlocks all of these emotions out of you. I love that that was shown in this book, as I think people can sometimes underappreciate music and its effects. I thought Laney was great in how she constantly fought against having to Jake’s pick of music, and how she fought against his opinions on the music she liked to listen to. Her argument was absolutely brilliant. Saving June is one of those contemporaries that you just have to read. Much like The Sky is Everywhere, it shows how a person can heal from a loved one’s death, and the steps it takes for them to get there. It’s a fantastic book, and I really, really think you should read it.