Let the Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI’m going to start off this review by saying that this is hands down, one of the single most disturbing things I have ever read. Ever. Not scary, although it is creepy in some places. Nope. This book is just all kinds of messed-up wrong. Yet it’s compelling. I was repulsed by parts, and captivated by others. The book centres on Oskar, a young Swedish boy who is horrendously bullied at school. He has no real friends, and is quite blood-thirsty, taking a knife and stabbing trees, pretending they are the bodies of the boys who bully him. It’s not correct to say that I connected with Oskar, because I didn’t, but I really did feel sorry for him. What those boys did to him was absolutely awful, and I was so frustrated that no-one paid enough attention to stop it from happening. When Eli was introduced into the story, things really picked up. I enjoyed reading about Oskar and Eli’s friendship, and I loved the confidence boost Eli seemed to give Oskar. Although I would have said that she had a darker secret than being a vampire, and if you’ve read the book I hope you understand what I mean! I was confused about her relationship with Hakan, although it was explained well towards the end of the book. I loved that Eli was a proper vampire too. She was bloodthirsty, and whilst she was quite compassionate, there was still a raw edge to her, a kind of feral streak that could break through at any time. And wow, did that streak break through at the very end! Her love for Oskar, which had slowly developed throughout the book, pushed her into saving him from death at the hands of his bullies. This book was so incredibly graphic. I’m not just talking about the violence, that was what I expected, and I’m so pleased that it wasn’t glossed over, the details and descriptions were gruesome, and just fit the tone of the book so well. I was disturbed at the inclusion of child prostitution, and Hakan’s fixation on Eli. Especially once Hakan had been hospitalised, and Eli tried doing him a favour by biting him to kill. Unfortunately for Eli, he changes into a vampire instead, and hunts down Eli. Yet instead of killing Eli, he rapes her instead. And this is all very graphically described. Reading this book during my lunch break wasn’t my best idea, as I almost lost the lunch I had been eating. This is a book that is definitely not for the faint of heart!My favourite character throughout the book was definitely Tommy. We’re introduced to so many people throughout the book, but Tommy was my favourite. He ends up trapped inside a nuclear shelter (at least, I think it was a nuclear shelter…) with Hakan. The only weapon he has is a shooting trophy he stole from Staffan, his soon-to-be stepfather. And he beat the absolute sh*t out of him. I’ve never cheered so much for a character before. I really felt that Tommy had a real future ahead of him, and I like to think that the events would have pushed him into a better life. This is definitely a book to read during the halloween season! It was creepy, it was graphic, and it was just plain wrong, but that was what made it so good. I’d recommend it, although only if you’re brave…with a strong stomach!