Fated - Sarah Alderson This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI had absolutely no clue about what I would be getting into when I started reading Fated. I knew that the synopsis had captured my interest enough in the library to make me add it to my pile of books I was checking out. I was already kind of familiar with Sarah Alderson – I have Hunting Lila sat on my bookshelf, still unread, although that will definitely be changing soon after reading Fated!Evie discovers she’s the last in the line of Demon Hunters, and no sooner is she hit with that discovery, she’s attacked by a group of demons who want to kill her. And I’m not just talking about one type of demon here, I’m talking about shapeshifters, vampires, even a mixen demon whose skin is dangerous to touch. You name it, they want to kill Evie. And yet somehow, and I found this to be fantastic, she manages to fight them off without ever having any training in kicking demon ass. (Never underestimate the importance of a big coffee can!) And instead of running off and attempting to hide from these demons who want to kill her, Evie chooses to stay and learn to fight them under the guidance of Victor. I really didn’t like Victor, there was something creepy about him that made my hair kind of stand on edge, and I really didn’t believe that he wanted to help Evie so much as help himself.Lucas is the half-human, half-shadow warrior who has been sent by the evil Tristan – who I seriously disliked – to spy on Evie and eventually kill her. Unfortunately, before he can do that, he starts to fall in love with Evie, putting both their lives in even more jeopardy. I didn’t think that I would have been sold on Evie and Lucas’ romance, but I really did enjoy it, and that was probably because it didn’t take over all of the plot, which I really appreciated. It was also written really well, the chemistry between the pair was absolutely incredible. And the climax right at the end, where Lucas and Evie faced off against his ex-brotherhood members was literally breath-taking! I was sat on the edge of my seat and holding my breath as I read, thinking that there was no way Lucas and Evie would be able to escape. But they did, thanks to Neena, which totally surprised me because I wasn’t expecting her to choose to save Lucas and Evie.Fated was one action-packed book, filled to the brim with an engaging plot, well-written characters and topped off with some sizzling chemistry. I cannot wait to get a hold of a copy of Severed, the second book in the Fated series, because I am not ready to let go of Lucas and Evie on their journey as they try to evade the Brotherhood and their enemies.