Sleeping Handsome - Jean Haus This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI snagged Sleeping Handsome for free whilst browsing Amazon a couple of months ago, and picked it up when I wasn’t feeling too great, expecting a light and easy read, which was just what I got.I wasn’t a huge fan of Paige, the main character. She doesn’t want to be stuck reading to Zach, who is in a coma. I could understand that, but if she hadn’t of wanted to be in that situation, she should have stood up to her friend and not done her homework for her. I just about gave up all hope when she started reading his diary aloud, as I was sure it wouldn’t end well. However, as the novella progressed I found myself warming to her character, especially as she started to develop a little more of a backbone. This was an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, and I enjoyed watching it pan out. It could have done with a little more development in certain areas, but as it was a novella, I think that’s to be expected. The ending was a little twee, especially in the way Zach woke up, but that was a part of Sleeping Handsome’s charm. This was a fun and quick read, and certainly helped to brighten up my spirits when I wasn’t feeling all that well!