Until I Die  - Amy Plum This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI had been eagerly anticipating Until I Die, ever since I turned the final page of the first book, Die For Me. I had even resorted to stalking the teen shelves of my library constantly until I saw it adorning the shelves, and may have grabbed it a little too possessively. (Who am I kidding, that book was mine to borrow!) And boy, was I not disappointed in what I’ve read.Kate was one of my favourite things about Die For Me, but unfortunately, in Until I Die, I really began to like her character a lot less. I didn’t like how sneaky she became, and whilst I appreciate she was trying to help Vincent, why on earth didn’t she mention to Gaspard or Jules what she’d found, instead of spilling everything to Violette, someone who she barely even knew? And I didn’t like how she manipulated Jules into taking her to the store against Vincent’s wishes, particularly as it could have ruined Vincent and Jules’ friendship. I adore Kate and Vincent’s relationship, though, and I found she was a more tolerable character when she was with him. They are one of my favourite couples in paranormal YA, I think it’s because Vincent makes me swoon when he talks to Kate, and he really only wants the very best for her – and what girl wouldn’t love that?!I found Violette to be an intriguing character right from the start. I didn’t trust her, despite her looking like an innocent fourteen-year-old, and I didn’t think it was a good idea for Kate to tell her everything she was doing, particularly as she wasn’t even telling Vincent everything. I did like her interactions with Kate when it came to the cinema and the language of flowers, I thought they were clever and a nice inclusion in the story, as I haven’t really seen it used before. Violette was definitely a great character, the kind that I love to hate, and I’m really pleased she was added into Until I Die as she definitely kept my interest in the story.The plot in Until I Die ticked over quite nicely, with the sole focus on Kate trying to save Vincent, who is becoming increasingly weaker. The idea of the revenants having a Champion was explored a little more, and it’s obvious that everyone believed for it to be Vincent, although I’m not entirely sure that I agree, as I think that it’s a little too obvious. I’m also pretty sure that the necklace that Vincent gave Kate is going to play a role in If I Should Die. (I might be wrong but I hope I’m not.) I loved the family aspect of the revenants, and I was happy to see that whilst Charlotte wasn’t a huge part of Until I Die, she was still mentioned and her friendship with Kate was still going strong, which I adored seeing.The ending of Until I Die practically killed me! I had kind of already gathered that something was going to happen, but did it really have to be as cruel as that? Amy Plum, you know exactly how to stress me out during my lunch hour at work. Thankfully I was by myself otherwise I’m sure my co-workers would have thought me absolutely bonkers. (Well, more than they already do!) But on a serious note, that cliffhanger was nasty. I’m talking nearly a Pandemonium level cliffhanger.There’s only one suitable way to end this review, and that is by saying that I am pining ridiculously hard for If I Should Die. I really do need to know how this series is going to end, because I am determined that these characters will all get the happy endings they deserve.