Luminaire (Florence Waverley, #2) - Ciye Cho This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaFlorence, the first book in this series, was one of my favourite reads of 2012. Well, I’m afraid to say that Florence has been knocked off that list…and replaced by Luminaire.Florence has had to do some serious maturing in Luminaire. She’s staying put in Niemela, even though she’s very much a human still, and a lot of Mer don’t want her to be there. She finds herself training as an Animal Trainer in order to help Yolee pass her building qualifier, and she keeps having strange dreams, telling her to enter the maze, which all young Niemelans must do if they wish to have a Life Path. Florence is quite literally out of her depth, yet she digs deep inside herself and finds a strength that I don’t think she even knew she possessed. She manages to save Niemela from a terrible fate, and really does help prove why she deserves to live in Niemela.Rolan. Oh my, where do I start with him? I was so frustrated with him at the beginning of Luminaire, because he just seemed to be pushing Florence away from him. Then when Florence starts preparing for the tournament, he redeems himself by helping her learn to fight and defend herself. And the moment that they shared in the Repository was so ‘aww’ worthy! He continues to redeem himself when he saves Florence from her death, and without realising it, helps to save many other lives in the process. I’m so glad he was able to accept his love for Florence, and I can only hope that he continues to do so!A good majority of Luminaire focuses on the tournament, meaning that we spend a lot of time with Florence, Yolee, Wynn and Mara. Yolee was absolutely great, I loved her in Florence and I loved her even more in Luminaire, probably because she really started to grow up. She believed in Florence when few others did, and that was something that Florence never forgot. I adored Wynn, because he wanted to be so much more than just a Thinker. I was so pleased that he was rewarded at the end, although I am worried to see where that ‘reward’ will take him. And Mara was a character who I really disliked at the beginning but found myself quite attached to her at the end. She wanted to be accepted for who she was, she wanted to be a Warrior, not a Guardian, and needed her father to accept that about her.Luminaire was everything I could have ever wanted in a sequel plus so much more! I cannot wait to see what happens to Florence, Rolan and everyone else in Niemela, because I have a feeling that big things are about to happen, especially after the final chapter of Luminaire!