Chase Tinker and the House of Magic - Malia Ann Haberman This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI went into Chase Tinker expecting a really fun, adventure-filled fantasy book, and that was exactly what I received. This was one of the first Middle Grade books I’ve read in a long while, and I really enjoyed it. The plot for Chase Tinker and the House of Magic was brilliant. There was very rarely a dull moment throughout the entire story, which made for an entertaining read. I liked how the Tinker House was magical, with each room inside the house possessing a different power. My favourite was probably the library (no surprise there!) with its magical pirate ship, but all the rooms were fantastic and cleverly thought out, and helped move the plot along at its quick pace. The twist with Chase’s Aunt Clair and his father was very clever and also very unexpected – I certainly hadn’t twigged what had happened, but I thought it was pulled off very well.Watching Chase and Andy develop their magical powers was very interesting. It made me smile to see how sceptical Andy was of magic at first, but when their long-lost grandfather showed them that being magical was something to be proud of, Andy soon changed his mind. I really liked Andy, he was the youngest of the four and always felt like he had something to prove, especially to his brother.I thought the character’s were extremely well written. I felt they were portrayed so realistically, especially when they were talking to each other. Chase, Andy, Janie and Persephone were constantly bickering and picking on one another, which I think is something very typical of tweens, because they’re only just starting to grow up and mature and still act like kids a lot of the time.Overall, Chase Tinker and the House of Magic was a really fun, action-packed start to a very promising fantasy series. I can’t wait for the second book to be released and see what happens next with Chase and the rest of his family!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review