Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I went into Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. I haven’t really read a lot of straight-up romance, only Nicholas Sparks books, which I enjoy, but I’m sure I’ve been missing out on something more. I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered – a heart-warming, enjoyable story with a huge dose of humour added in too. I read it all in a single sitting, discounting the fact that I read 61 pages on Boxing Day before I’d realised what I’d done. (I had to re-read them anyway!)I fell in love with all the characters, particularly the Nolan brothers. Each had something appealing about them, but they all had their flaws too, which kept them realistic. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Sam and Alex’s pasts as the series continues. I adored Maggie! She had endured more than her fair share of heartbreak, and needed to love again, but had to do so off her own back. I hate it when a character’s ‘friend’ tries to force them back onto the dating scene when they are simply just not ready to do so, and unfortunately that happened in Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, but thankfully Maggie took control of the situation. Holly was a great character too – she was literally the glue that stuck everyone together and helped them to re-discover what family really meant.I think what I loved most about Christmas in Friday Harbor was the humour included in it. The Thanksgiving turkey scene was hilarious, what with the cooker sealing itself shut thanks to Sam and Mark, and the turkey itself then exploding. I was reading this when everyone else in my house had gone to sleep, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from busting out in fits of laughter because I found it so funny. Sam, Mark’s brother injected a lot of light-hearted entertainment to the book, as did Mark himself. The romance in this book was great. It wasn’t particularly fluffy, but it was definitely swoonworthy, enough to make you want to experience something similar yourself! I loved how it was really well-paced throughout the book, little romantic actions were laced evenly throughout the plot so there were no massive globs of romance in any one place.I’m really happy I took the plunge with this book, as it was out of my comfort-zone but totally worth it! I cannot wait to continue on with the series and revisit Friday Harbor in the near future.