Attachments - Rainbow Rowell This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI had heard wonderful things about Rainbow Rowell’s works, and with all the buzz surrounding Eleanor and Park, it was difficult to ignore the praise. So I decided to pick up Attachments, her debut novel, and possibly one of my favourite adult novels ever.I loved the format of Attachments, with half of the book written in e-mail exchanges between Beth and Jennifer, and the other half following Lincoln’s life. I loved the exchanges between Beth and Jennifer, they supported one another and also kept the whole story really funny, as they were so snarky and bitchy about other people. The emails meant I sped through the book, and they also kept me wanting more. It really was difficult to put this book down, as I was hooked right from the very beginning!I adored how authentic Attachments was. Especially the descriptions of the outfits characters were wearing, when certain things were mentioned little lightbulbs popped into my head and made me think, hang on a minute, I remember those really well! It was nice to read a book set in the late nineties/early noughties, as that period of time was obviously my childhood. The setting of Attachments was interesting too, I wasn’t expecting it to be set in a newspaper office, but it worked really well, and actually held some relevance to the story.Lincoln was a fantastic character. I loved him so much! I did think he was a little bit of a mummy’s boy at first (and just how pushy was his mother?!), but as the book went on he really grew into himself and became his own person, and solidified that when he moved into his own apartment. It was interesting to read about his relationship with Sam. I am so pleased he got the closure he needed with her, because she really was a bitch to him, and Lincoln deserved so much better than her!Attachments was a fun, cute and highly entertaining read that I was hooked into right from the very first page. I can’t wait to read more of Rainbow Rowell’s work, because even if it’s half as good as Attachments, it’s going to be excellent.