Sever  - Lauren DeStefano This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI’m not even entirely sure how I’m supposed to write this review. Sever was my most anticipated book of 2013, and I was so nervous to read it, because I honestly was not sure how this series would end, and whether or not it would live up to my expectations. It did not only do just that, it completely blew me away, with enough twists and turns to render me completely shocked and surprised throughout the entire book.Sever picks up pretty close to where Fever ended, and also introduces us to a brilliant new character in the form of Reed, Vaughn’s eccentric but brilliant older brother. I adored Reed and how he seemed slightly crazy, and not all that pleasant, but actually turned out to be one of the first decent characters in the entire series! I really took to him, and I loved how he never forced Rhine into talking, he just let her talk when she needed to, and was happy to answer her questions when she had them. He was so genuine, and you could tell he loved Linden and only wanted the best for him, and I can’t imagine how heartbroken he would have been after the airplane incident. I was happy to see him get his happy ending though, and that he was finally allowed to return to Vaughn’s home.Sever also sees the return of several characters from Wither and Sever. I was surprised to see Madame and her carnival to return, but I was more surprised to learn her back story. Of all the twists I was expecting, the one that actually happened hadn’t even occurred to me. Rowan, Rhine’s twin, is reunited with his sister, but other than that, I didn’t really care much for his character, sadly. He was needed for the plot, but I wasn’t a huge fan of his. However, I did become a huge fan of Cecily. She definitely got a huge round of applause from me for character development and turning into a generally awesome character! She finally grew up and stopped acting like a child. (and I know she was only a child in the first book. BUT SHE HAS ACTUALLY GROWN UP GUYS!) And it’s thanks to her that she makes sure she has a happy ending. In Wither, I was desperate for Rhine to be happy with Linden, and then in Fever, I just wanted her to have a happy ending with Gabriel. In Sever? I just wanted Rhine to be happy, and actually survive, so the romance barely crossed my mind at all. Linden was kind of an okay character in Sever, he was trying desperately to be angry with Rhine, and he had a right to be, but at the same time, he was still in love with her and didn’t want to let her go. Gabriel barely made an appearance in Sever, and I was kind of happy about that, as this book was never about the romance, but more about what had happened in this virus-riddled world.Whilst I loved Sever, I can see why a lot of people won’t. Everything is tied up, perhaps too neatly for some people, as you want from the end of a series, and there isn’t really any open-endedness, which I liked, but I know that others won’t. If you weren’t a fan of Fever, then I’m not sure that Sever is the book that you hope it will be. But, if you’re like me, you’ll finish this book a little heartbroken that this series is over, but happy that nearly everyone got the ending that they all deserved.