Imaginable: 2 (Intangible) - J. Meyers This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI really enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Intangible, last year, so naturally, I was super excited to read the next book in the series, Imaginable. And wow, this book did not disappoint! Put simply, Imaginable was amazing, and I cannot wait to continue reading this series.I loved Sera and Luke’s characters in the first book, and this hasn’t changed in Imaginable. Sera is still the same sweet girl who just wants to use her healing power for good, especially when she is asked to heal. And Luke was still the slightly cocky, funny and slightly over-protective brother who was desperate to understand and control his gift a little better. They both went through a lot of mental torture in this book, especially as neither one could guarantee the other’s safety. Sera would have done anything with her gift if it meant keeping Luke, and her friends, safe, and it’s the same with Luke. Their relationship is so strong, and I love reading about it. Also, their friendships were incredible. It was heart-breaking watching Quinn suffer in order for Sera to heal the vampires, but the way that Quinn, Raquel, Brandan, and even Marc (who made a great reappearance, although I’m not sure I want Sera to end up with him now…) banded together with Luke in order to save Sera was fantastic. They didn’t think about the risk that they were posing on themselves, they just wanted to save Sera. And that was so awesome to read. And I was so stoked that Jonas was back and in full force. I love his character, and I love how he cares about Sera so much, even though he probably shouldn’t. I really hope he gets his revenge on Adrian, because damn did that guy suck! It was nice to see him work alongside the light elves too, especially as he was able to teach them some new tricks that they hadn’t learned before, much to his delight!I love the way Luke and Sera’s gifts are being explored in these books. Sera is still healing vampires in Imaginable, but she’s found out that whilst she thought she was turning them back into humans, she’s not. And that sucks for Sera, because she now has to go against everything her heart is telling her to do. I liked that Luke’s visions were fleshed out a lot more. He spent a majority of the book trying to summon the visions on his command, and succeeded a couple of times, but couldn’t work out how he managed it until the very end of Imaginable, when another twist on his gift was added, and whilst he thinks it’s a great addition for him, I have a feeling that it’s probably not going to be so good when the next book comes around! Overall, Imaginable took everything that Intangible had laid out and built on it tenfold. This was an incredible sequel and I am so excited to see where J Meyers takes these characters next, because I’m pretty sure their story isn’t complete yet.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.