The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks Another really quick read for me, I blasted through this one and really enjoyed it. I'm finding that Sparks' novels are great to read when you need a blast of 'lovey-dovey' however bittersweet the endings of most of his novels may be. This is perhaps the most famous of Sparks' works, probably due to the film adaptation, however, when reading the story, it was easy to see why it's so popular. The story itself was lovely, I enjoyed every moment of it, whilst some of its events were predictable, and I'm starting to see a pattern emerging with Sparks' storytelling, there was nothing that I could not love about this book. I'll definitely be re-reading this again.I'm starting to kick myself about how long I've waited before reading these books. Sparks is a great author, and I shouldn't have let other people's prejudices against his stories stopped me from reading them!