City of Fallen Angels  - Cassandra Clare Okay, let's make this clear. I love Cassandra Clare. I love her Mortal Instruments series. I loved City of Fallen Angels. The only thing stopping this book from getting five stars WAS THE ENDING! I've never wanted to throw a book across my room more than I did with this one. Talk about a cliffhanger! Ignoring that, the book was fantastic. It focused on Simon and his inadvertent love triangle, which I loved reading about, and introduced a couple of new characters to us, including Jordan Kyle, who provided a nice little twist to the story, something that I can't go into too much without spoiling it for everyone else. Jace still had his sarcasm about him, something that I love, his one-liners and comments were brilliant. Clary is getting into the full swing of being a shadowhunter, undertaking regular training sessions and trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the downworlder deaths. I daren't write too much for fear of accidentally including a spoiler for some part of the story, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Read this book. Read this series if you haven't gotten round to it.