Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane What to say about this book without giving the entire plot away? This was one of the rare books that I've read AFTER seeing the film, so I already knew what was going to happen. Which kind of took away some of my enjoyment of the book, namely because I had to go through entire chapters of the book which only equated to a single scene in the film. This didn't stop my heart pounding during some of the scenes though, even though I knew what would happen, this was still a brilliant mystery-thilleresque book, something way out of my normal style of reading. The book keeps you guessing right the way until the end, in a very 'will he, won't he?' kind of way!Overall, this was a fantastic read, especially as I got the book for 50p down the doctors' surgery! Well worth reading, even if you've seen the film already. I found it very 'inception' like, so if you are a fan of that film (which I am. I LOVELOVELOVE it!), then chances are, you'll enjoy it very, very much!Short review, but that's simply because I can't say too much without giving something away!