A Walk To Remember - Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember was my first foray into a Sparks' novel. I've had The Last Song for about half a year (it's still unread, shame on me!) but A Walk to Remember really grabbed my interest, more than any other Sparks' novel.I read this book in a day. I couldn't stop reading it. I began it in the morning. Went out for a while, came back, and dove straight back into it. I literally couldn't put it down. I didn't expect to make such a connection with the two main characters, Landon and Jamie. I really enjoyed the way that Landon slowly began to change his opinion of Jamie, it felt realistic to me. Maybe it doesn't to others, maybe it felt realistic because I'm of a similar age to the characters, I don't know. I loved how the reader could make their own decision on the end of the story. It was left open, and I really liked that. I had previously written Sparks off to be a kind of 'tragic romance' author, from what I had heard about his books, they all seemed to have a similar theme running through them. This book made me change my opinion completely. I'll be sure to delve into some more Sparks' fiction very soon.