Pretty Girl Thirteen

Pretty Girl Thirteen - Liz Coley This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaOh my goodness. Words cannot describe just how blown away I am by Pretty Girl Thirteen! I’m pretty sure I’m still in the midst of a huge book hangover because of this book. Seriously, it was amazing. AMAZING.I loved Angie’s character. There was just something about her that made her so endearing to me. Her determination to get better and empty her mind of the alternate personalities that had taken residence there was great, it takes a lot of strength to tackle the problems she was faced with. Her backstory was very unexpected, and it kind of made everything start falling into place a little, but I was so pissed at her family for not believing her about Bill – I mean, what the heck?! After all Angie had been through, surely they would have listened to what she was saying and actually believe her word for it.Angie’s multiple personalities in Pretty Girl Thirteen were so interesting to read about, and I found myself getting attached to each and every one of them for different reasons. I was happy that they all got the release that they needed and deserved after all they had been through – it wouldn’t have been right if they didn’t. The personalities were all a part of Angie, but they didn’t define who she was in a way, which made them all the more interesting as characters. I liked how Coley got them to tell their own individual stories, it was a nice concept that helped the story progress, plus it made the stories more believable. Reading everything that Girl Scout, Tattletale, Little Wife and Angel went through just blew me away – it doesn’t make for easy reading, but Liz Coley tackled it with the respect this topic needs, without omitting any details and shying away from the important fact that what Angie suffered was traumatic for not only her, but everyone around her as well.Pretty Girl Thirteen is a cracking book that deserves all the praise I can give it, and I’m now waiting impatiently to see what Liz Coley will release next!