Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaThere are ground-breaking books. Then there are those that aren't. Unfortunately, Low Red Moon fell into the latter category for me, it wasn't a terrible book, but it wasn't great either.At just under 250 pages, I'd have expected the plot to be fast-paced and full of action. And it was - in places. There was enough happening to keep me turning the pages, but I feel that if there had been a touch more action then I might have enjoyed the book more. I did like the twist at the end where her parent's murderer was revealed, Devlin had done a very good job of keeping their identity hidden, yet they were still present throughout the book. The main problem for me, and I think that this was the same problem that I had with Blood Magic, was the fact that Avery's parents have just been brutally murdered, yet she manages to fall in love with Ben. Maybe it's just me, but I seriously find it unrealistic. As a character, I didn't connect with Avery. Other people might have been able to connect to her better, but, in all honesty, I think I connected to her grandmother more. I didn't really understand Avery's connection to Ben, and I have a feeling that if I do want to understand it better, I'll have to read the second book in the series. Reading about Louis and Avery's grandmother did give me some insight, and it helped me to appreciate their characters a whole lot more. I wish the book had looked more into the werewolf side of Ben, but again, this might be something Devlin will explore in the next book.Aesthetically, Low Red Moon is a beautiful book. The cover is absolutely stunning, and I loved the little trees that were printed at the bottom of each page! Looking on Goodreads, the cover for the sequel, Moonrise, is nowhere near as nice, unfortunately.Low Red Moon was a book that had a lot of potential, yet just fell short for me. If there had been a touch more going on, and if I'd been able to connect with Avery better, I would have enjoyed it far more than I did. It was still a quick read, and a nice way to spend a couple of hours, so don't let my opinion taint your decision!