This Is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith This review was first posted on Music, Books and Tea.This Is What Happy Looked Like was such a fun read! I loved reading Statistical Probability last year, and was hoping for more of the same from Jennifer E Smith’s summer release. Unfortunately, it lacked a little bit of the spark that Statistical Probability had, but was still a cute book nonetheless.I thought the emails that were included throughout the story were great, I’m a fan when things like emails and text messages are included in a story, plus they were a great way to learn about the two main characters without simply being ‘told’ everything about them.Ellie and Graham were okay characters – there was nothing amazing about them in particular, but I still liked them well enough, and I enjoyed reading about their relationship as it progressed throughout the book. Their interactions together were cute, and Ellie and Graham really worked well together in a sweet way.I was a huge fan of the setting in This Is What Happy Looks Like – it was lovely to read a book with a small town like Henley as the setting, and it made me wish I was able to visit a place like it in real life!As I said previously, the story and romance were sweet and cute, nothing less and nothing more. Sometimes that’s all I want from a contemporary, and This Is What Happy Looks Like certainly fits the bill where that is concerned! It’s still worth a read, and was the perfect book to read during the summer months.