Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing

Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing - Christopher   Stewart This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaAs a general rule of thumb, I don’t read a lot of non-fiction. Not because I find it boring, but because I find it difficult to get into. This doesn’t reflect on the book itself, but just my general reading habits. Takers Economy is non-fiction that I’m pleased I completed though, just because it poses a different look at illegal file-sharing and downloads.Music, is, as you all probably know by now, one of my biggest passions. Illegal file-sharing and downloading is a topic that cannot be avoided, especially in today’s society. It’s so easy to succumb to illegal downloading, especially as the software is so readily available and easy to find. However, Stewart also includes watching videos on Youtube where the owner of the music has not given permission for the music to be used. So, watching a fan-made lyric video, or a fan-made music video falls into those categories. Before reading Takers Economy, I wouldn’t have called that illegal file-sharing, but now that I have read it, I can understand why it is considered so. I really liked the way sections started with a quote directly relating to the title of the section. He takes quotes from musicians, poets and scientists alike, and has managed to choose only inspiring quotes. I love the creative way he talks about The Beatles too, and completely agree that people who haven’t experienced The Beatles are probably sadder individuals than those who have! The poems at the very end of Takers Economy were incredible, and really showcased Stewart’s poetry talents. Although Takers Economy is short, at a little over 100 pages long, it took me far longer to read than I expected. Firstly because it was non-fiction, which always takes me longer to read than fiction, and secondly, because I felt, at times, I was reading a school textbook. I understood the point’s Stewart was trying to get across, but I needed to read over some passages a few more times before I fully grasped it.Takers Economy is an informative and eye-opening book, and I feel it should be read by musicians, artists, and art-appreciators alike. When I first started this book, I knew illegal downloading was bad, but now I’ve finished it, I understand and appreciate more about why it’s bad.